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Financial Inventory Counts

We will count all areas of the store as directed.  The inventory can be counted at retail or cost depending on how items are marked.  The store will be divided into sections, tagged and counted then a total will be reported by departments.  A final report will be created for your review and sign off. 

​Pharmacy Counts

I prefer to count your pharmacy by tenths. We will open each open container and estimate the quantity by tenths.  I find this method to be the most accurate besides counting each pill.  (We are able to provide this service as well).   .


​Retail Counts

We will meet with you in advance to discuss your department breakouts, store layouts, hidden areas, stockroom preparations, etc. This is how we can insure an accurate inventory with no surprises during the inventory. 


Cost Counts 

If you required a cost inventory, we can count using your cost code or set up by area/department and provide a cost margin report to convert from retail to cost. .

Location Mark
Location Mark
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We will provide a final dollar report at the end of the count.
Section report - provides totals by section

Department report - Department totals within the section

and total by department

Cost report - this report will list each department by section and a markup percentage to reduce  to cost.

Other reports - we can customize reports as needed. 


We generally can complete the inventory count within 6 hours. depending on size, preparation and assistance with pricing during the inventory. We will provide an estimate. 



Most of our employees are part time, but have worked for many years with my company. Average 8 years experience.


I will provide a flat fee bid.  If there are additions or changes to the scope, a new bid will be provided for approval. 

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